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Art painting 3 days

  • Definition of a color wheel;
  • Preparing brushes to work;
  • Hand positioning (practicing of the strokes);
  • Toning (horizontal, vertical, abstract);
  • Work with acrylic and water color paints;
  • Work with polishes;
  • Creating of composition works;
  • Express designs (different variants of French designs);
  • Floristics with different techniques (chamomile, poppies, iris, narcissus, lily (under different angles), leaves, grass, dill, dandelion);
  • Abstract design (stained-glass windows, seaweed, ribbons, dots, ovals);
  • Technique of panoramic works;
  • Work with accessories;
  • Practice on tips (at least 10 patterns per day);
  • Taking exam (ready planchette).

II level of art painting 3 days

  • Creating of complex toning;
  • Notion of composition;
  • Abstraction;
  • Floristics (complex poppies, African daisies, violets, lily, kahla, rose, tulips);
  • Landscapes (seasons);
  • Faces;
  • Water color technique;
  • Technique of panoramic works;
  • Work with accessories;
  • Work on tips;
  • Selecting individual program;
  • Taking exam.

Art list of the technician of double dab (the Chinese list) 3 days

  • Preparation of brushes for work;
  • Exercises for hand training;
  • Color circle;
  • Tonings;
  • Floristics (a rose, a camomile, a violet, leaves, buds, an iris, a poppy);
  • Abstraction elements;
  • Use of accessories.