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Discount system!

If you take any training course and receive the diploma of the school on nail design “Podium”, you will receive a permanent 10% discount for the products, irrespective of the amount of your order. There is another discount procedure that depends on the amount of your order:

  • 1,000 UAH 5% discount;
  • 2,000 UAH 10% discount;
  • 4,000 UAH 15% discount;
  • 6,000 UAH 20% discount.

There is another discount procedure that depends on the amount of your order. Ask us about it on the telephone. Return or exchange of goods is carried out within 3 working days after receipt of goods.


Delivery within Kyiv is free if you order for more than 500 UAH.  If the amount of your order is less than 500 UAH, the delivery within Kyiv will be 30-50 UAH. Delivery to other cities of Ukraine is performed by the following companies: "Avtolux" (www.autolux.com.ua) and "Nova Pochta" (www.novaposhta.com.ua).

Beware of fake materials!

Currently a brand name, which the company producer won in the world market, could be very attractive for dishonest companies, that start to produce the product-imitation.   Such a trend could be seen everywhere.  The same problem also touched the materials for nails.  Fake products could be very dangerous, your nails, and which is sadder, not only nails, may suffer from them.

It is difficult to say what kinds of harm could materials for nail lengthening of doubtful quality could bring.  The only protection from fake products is authorization documents.  That is why when you buy materials for nails, ask the seller to provide “conclusion of sanitary and epidemiological commission”, which states that the products correspond all the norms and requirements and is safe, if you use the materials on its intended purpose – for lengthening and design of nails.


School of nail design “Podium” takes great care about its reputation and has all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological conclusions and state certificates of quality for all the range of products.