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Salon French (classical) + lengthening of a nail bed 1 day

  • Theory;
  • Laying out (tips, shape);
  • Technique of nail bed lengthening;
  • Filing technique;
  • Working on models.

Sword-Dagger of mercy” (acrylic or gel) 1 day

  • Peculiarities of shape and length;
  • Procedure of laying out of the material;
  • Peculiarities of using the filing technique;
  • Work with a model;
  • Taking exam.

Basic acrylic design I level 3 days

  • Definition of a color wheel;
  • Color combination;
  • Hand positioning;
  • Toning (horizontal, vertical, abstract);
  • Notion of composition;
  • Volume modeling;
  • Flat modeling;
  • Abstraction (different variants of fantasy French);
  • Floristics (poppies, chamomiles, extended rose, various leaves, narcissus, field flowers);
  • Abstract flowers, violet;
  • Animal themes;
  • Aquarian effect;
  • Venetian glass technique;
  • Mix (combination of acrylic with art painting);
  • Technique of panoramic works;
  • Work with accessories;
  • Work on tips;
  • Taking exam.

Acrylic design II level 3 days

  • Color combination (using different combinations of color wheel);
  • Applying the composition in practice;
  • Creating of complex toning;
  • Floristics (complex rose, buds, kahla, iris, complex poppy, field flowers);
  • Technique of making landscape works (seasons);
  • Elements of abstraction works with using of art painting;
  • Work with accessories;
  • Work on tips;
  • Taking exam;

Acrylic design III level 2 days

  • Creating of complex subbackgrounds;
  • Floristics (tiger lily, abstract flowers, tulip, water flowers, peony, multilevel roses);
  • Bas relief;
  • Fusion of abstraction with floristics;
  • Using of art painting;
  • Work on tips;
  • Taking exam.

Acrylic design IV level 3 days

  • Creating 3D design;
  • Contest works;
  • Wine glass decoration;
  • Earrings;
  • Rings;
  • Pins;
  • Statuettes;

Modeling with acryl with using of Chinese technique 3 days

  • Tinting coating;
  • Floristics (poppies, camomiles, rose, field flowers, peony, leaves, narcissus);
  • Application of accessories.

Correction with cutter 1 day

  • Theory;
  • Practice;
  • Taking exam.